Daniel Bailey

Games dev student based in Stoke-on-Trent

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Object Oriented Programming

  1. C++

  2. Knowlege of API's like OpenGL

  3. Game Engines

    • UE4

    • Unity

Web Development Languages

  1. HTML

  2. CSS

  3. JavaScript

  4. PHP

Video and Image Editing

  1. After Effects

  2. Photoshop

  3. VEGAS Pro


Unreal Engine 4

TGP Solo Project

A game I made in the first 6 weeks of the second year of university, made in the TGP (Technical Games Production) module. It is a top-down bullet hell game where the aim is simply to live as long as you can. It is made using UE4 and mostly C++ with some Blueprints.

Tower Defence

A tower defence game made using UE4 and Blueprints. It's main mechanic is that you take control of a pawn on the board and choose the start and end point. Enemies may also spawn others that chase the player around the board.

TGP Pair Project

A first-person action-adventure game made for the second assignment for TGP (Technical Games Productions) to mimic the style of the game Metroid Prime. It is made using UE4 and C++ with a little bit of Blueprints.

Websites & Other Games


A cake company I have developed a website for, made from scratch and then converted to be compatible with WordPress.


A game made in the first year of university in the FOGGS (Fundamentals of Game and Graphics Systems) using C++ and a Staffordshire University framework called S2D. It is a game where the goal is to survive for as long as possible.


Email: danbailey.813@gmail.com